Sorocaba Tattoo Expo

by testuser


Espaço De Eventos Monteiro Lobato R. Antônio Aparecido Ferraz, 1111 – Parque Santa Isabel, Sorocaba – SP, , Brazil

Sorocaba Tattoo Expo

Missing all of this defines our feelings at this moment, MUCH HEALTH!!!
We had a prediction to hold the event in August 2021, however, according to news we received, Alvarás, Licenses and other documents for an event to happen with all security and within the law will not be issued until the whole * VACCINATION CILCO * is fully * COMPLETE *.

We, on our part, fully agree that there must be * SAFETY * so that we can make a worthy event and within the required norms for our exhibitors, our public and for us and our staff’s.
So, for the sake of always thinking about the welfare, safety and comfort of everyone and above all for having * RESPONSIBILITY *, we will wait for the * Competent, municipal, state and world bodies *, to release 100 % the Events, any case we’re going to think about a new date for 2022, a date between February and August, and once we decide that, we’re going to put it on our bio on Instagram and release the poster with the new date,
unfortunately there’s no way we can programming for something this year, see well, the situation is chaotic and vaccination involved in a political war is taking steps away from the turtle, so we, on our side, have to be sensible and realistic, because of this whole picture, we believe that 2022 be more conducive.

We have programmed in our minds the best return for our event, because the longing is huge, it’s our dream shared with you all in the name of TRUE TATUAGE and its STORY, so be sure that what we want most now is to be able to be with you , having this party and spending 3 days together with a lot of interaction, idea, knowledge, friendship and toasting in the name of Tattoo, and soon we will be, a little more patience and soon we will all be there.