Moscow Tattoo Festival

by testuser


Amber Plaza Krasnoproletarskaya Ulitsa, 36, Moskva, 127473 , Russia

                                                    Moscow Tattoo Festival 2022

Dear fellows,

We are pleased and excited to welcome you at the annual International Moscow Tattoo Festival! This year we will go down on April 17-18 of 2022. The festival will take place in Amber Plaza Hall in a historic region of Moscow and come up with spacious booths and splendid vibes! Get ready for a spectacular weekend packed with unique Russian hospitality, talented artists from all around the globe, unforgettable entertainment and great people.

  • Contest of Tattoos

The contest of Tattoos is the most solemn and interesting part of the Moscow Tattoo Festival! Hundreds of Russian and foreign artists present their best works. A real celebration, where newcomers can make themselves known, and experienced masters compete for valuable prizes from the partners of the Festival! Worthy rivals, fair judges and 29 nominations for masters of all levels and styles of tattooing!

For any questions about contest email us:

Exhibition of tattooers

Every year we invite hundreds of artists from all over the world! They gather here to to exchange experiences, to get acquainted with eminent masters, to present interesting products and equipment, and most importantly – to make a tattoo. Annually hundreds of tattoos are made at the Festival, you can see a variety of works: from neotradiation in modern execution to Japanese tattoo technique tebori.

Exhibition of tattoo sketches

For many years we have been cooperating with the Association of Professional Tattoos – a professional association of talented, promising and experienced tattoo artists in Russia, which actively promotes the culture of tattooing in the country. Thanks to them, Moscow Tattoo Festival find hundreds of interesting works from Russian tattoo artists from around the world and demonstrate these works right at the Festival.

Conference of tattoo artists

If you want to know more about tattooing, art tricks or authoring techniques, if you are interested in new products, professional opinion and new medicine standards, if you want to deepen your knowledge of certain styles and instruments, then you must certainly attend a professional tattoo artists’ conference at the Moscow Tattoo Festival. We invite famous tattoo masters, leading manufacturers of equipment and consumables, representatives of the Association of Professional Tattoos as speakers. Interactive lectures, master classes and discussion programs will be held absolutely free of charge and are open for masters and all admirers of tattoo culture.

And the most impressive part is the SHOW!

Tattooing for us is not just one of the oldest art forms. Tattooing is a rebellious, contradictory and exciting lifestyle, impregnated with the spirit of freedom! Music will not stop for a second, unusual artists will make you freeze with your mouth open, and an extreme show is guaranteed – goosebumps will not stop. We organize a real holiday: bright, free and cheerful.