China Tattoo Convention

by sbsoftwareservices

12 November 2021, Friday
13 November 2021, Saturday
14 November 2021, Sunday

Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center A3 , Xiamen, Fujian, China Siming District

The 16th China International Tattoo Convention

China International Tattoo Art Festival, as the largest industry event in China’s tattoo industry, the longest history, and the highest participation of practitioners and fans, it has been known for its highest industry benchmarks, most authoritative and fierce competitions, and most active industry exchanges over the years. , Attracting the attention of overseas tattoo masters and tattoo lovers, has become the most professional and authoritative platform for Chinese tattooists to PK, exchange between Chinese and foreign tattoo industries, and release new tattoo products.

China Tattoo Convention will come to Xiamen again with 350 groups of top tattoo artists from all over the world and the most creative new tattoo artists at present. The elaborately designed guide route will guide the audience to sort out the story lines of this activity, and present each artist’s unique understanding of tattoo in the form of Exhibition + Pop-up.